Breaking the Solar Gridlock Workshop

Events on solving network constraints and improving the economics of concentrating solar power (CSP)

Receive training on Australian tools designed to assist project developers, financiers, regulators, network planners and engineers with siting CSP plants and evaluate their economic performance, including potential new income streams. Hear from lead researchers, policy makers, network businesses and renewable energy advocates on the status of CSP in Australia and overseas, current projects and funding opportunities, and key findings from two ground breaking ARENA-funded research projects.

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Who should attend?

  • Organisations involved in network planning and developing non- network solutions to grid constraints
  • Organisations interested in the development of concentrating solar power projects.
  • Organisations assessing the economic viability of CSP projects.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to interrogate new publicly accessible CSP network support and "Indicative Firm Capacity" maps and associated data to identify locations where there may be additional income for CSP projects.
  • For any of the standard CSP technology types, learn how to combine technical and solar data for a particular Australian site and year, and determine output and economic performance.
  • Learn how to compare the various CSP types (tower, trough, Fresnel dish) and storage capacity, and determine the solar field size for site optimisation and required output characteristics. 


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