Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market

The Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market, lead by Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, is likely to play a pivotal role in the ongoing debate around Australia's electricity system and the role of renewables with energy storage such as CST.

AUSTELA has made a submission to the enquiry and participated in the 'technical expert' consultation session in Sydney on 15 February 2017.

The submission can be downloaded HERE.

Draft Climate Change Fund Strategic Plan

The NSW government has embraced the need to decarbonise the energy system by 2050. They have release a Climate Change Fund Draft Strategic Plan.

AUSTELA responded to the call for submissions and attended the consultation workshop.

The submission can be downloaded HERE

Senate Select Committee into the resilience of electricity infrastructure

The Senate Select Committee into the Resilience of Electricity Infrastructure in a Warming World is considering amongst other things “the role of storage technologies and localised, distributed generation to provide Australia’s electricity networks with the resilience to withstand the increasing severity and frequency of extreme weather events driven by global warming.”

AUSTELA has made a submission (number 43 on the Committee's website) and will present at the hearings in Melbourne on 7 March.

The submission can be downloaded HERE

Fulfilling the Promise of Concentrating Solar Power

Low-Cost Incentives Can Spur Innovation in the Solar Market

By Sean Pool and John Dos Passos Coggin. June 2013, Center for American Progress.

Concentrating solar power—also known as concentrated solar power, concen- trated solar thermal, and CSP—is a cost-effective way to produce electricity while reducing our dependence on foreign oil, improving domestic energy-price stabil- ity, reducing carbon emissions, cleaning our air, promoting economic growth, and creating jobs. One physicist has even touted it as the “technology that will save humanity.”

Grandiose claims aside, concentrating solar power has recently garnered the attention of the U.S. Department of Energy. The agency has created the SunShot Initiative to lead research into the technology—work that aims to increase effi- ciency, lower costs, and deliver more reliable performance from concentrating solar power. Additionally, high-profile U.S.-based companies such as IBM have invested in CSP research. Increasingly, private and public stakeholders believe that the technology holds the greatest potential to harness the power of the sun to meet national sustainability goals.

The Full Report can be downloaded HERE (1.2 MB )

CSP Alliance Report

The Economic and Reliability Benefits of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage: Literature Review and Research Needs


The CSP Alliance

The CSP Alliance is a public policy advocacy organization dedicated to bringing increased awareness and visibility to this sustainable, dispatchable technology.

Our membership includes many of the world’s largest CSP corporations and their supply-chain partners. Our objectives include advancing the industry’s value proposition, addressing issues of job creation and environmental sustainability, and setting the foundation for future uses of the technology.

The first version of this report was released in December 2012. This next version includes expanded discussion of methodology and new study results available over the course of 2013-14. 

The Full Report can be downloaded HERE (10.9MB )

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