Solar Generation. Australian Market Modelling

Building on the evidence in the major industry report 'Realising the Potential for CSP in Australia, a new report - also released on 6 June 2012 - provides further analysis illustrating the value of solar thermal power in the Australian electricity market.

The Australian Solar Institute commissioned ROAM Consulting to conduct detailed modelling of the interaction between solar generation and the Australian electricity markets in order to identify the potential value of solar generation (including the incremental value of energy storage and gas hybridisation of solar thermal power) in the market.

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Solar Flagships project update

The Solar Dawn project, approved for funding under the Commonwealth Government's Solar Flagships program with a major contribution from the Queensland Government, has announced that it has not yet achieved financial close. An extension had been granted to 30 June 2012 to allow additional time for the project proponents to achieve financial close. With the passing of that deadline, it currently appears likely the Queensland Government's commitment to the project, under review following the change of Government in Queensland earlier this year, will be withdrawn. Solar Dawn has made a statement reiterating the economic and environmental benefits of the project. Read more...

Realising the Potential for Concentrating Solar Power in Australia

The Australian Solar Thermal Energy Association is pleased to announce the release of the major new report, ‘Realising the Potential for Concentrating Solar Power in Australia’.   

The Report, commissioned by the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) and undertaken by international renewable energy consultancy IT Power, was released on 6 June 2012. 

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New Report Highlights Economic Benefits of Queensland Solar Dawn Project

As discussions continue in relation to funding arrangements for the Solar Dawn project, the largest concentrating solar thermal power project planned in Australia and one of the largest in the world, Solar Dawn has released a new independent report highlighting the economic benefits to Queensland and Australia to be gained from the project. Learn more...

AUSTELA Member Novatec Solar enters the South African market

Novatec Solar has joined ABB in entering the South African CSP market. ABB has signed an agreement with FG Emvelo, an independent solar power plant company, to develop high-efficiency concentrating solar power (CSP) plants at Karoshoek Solar Valley in Northern Cape province, South Africa. Learn more...

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